Purple Week

Get ready for an incredible week as we unveil 7 new features over the next 7 days!

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Activity Feed & Layout RedesignDay 1

Activity Feed & Layout Redesign

New dashboard design for a more intuitive user experience, accompanied by a dynamic activity feed to keep users informed about the latest updates and interactions.

NotificationsDay 2


Stay in the loop with real-time notifications, ensuring you never miss important events.

Editor SettingsDay 3

Editor Settings

Tailor your coding experience with customizable editor settings, allowing you to personalize your workflow.

Comments RepliesDay 4

Comments Replies

Engage in meaningful conversations by responding directly to comments, improving discussions between community members.

Submission DescriptionDay 5

Submission Description

Provide additional context to your submissions by adding descriptive text, so others better understand your thought process and desired outcome.

Sort Challenges by TagsDay 6

Sort Challenges by Tags

Easily navigate and discover challenges that align with your interests through a new tagging system.

New BadgesDay 7

New Badges

Get new badges by completing PRO challenges and become an iCodeThis Ambassador through referrals.