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Here are all the latest additions and improvements that we've made!

Jul 14, 2023

Challenge difficulties

Challenge difficulties

Now you have the ability to sort challenges based on three different difficulty levels. The available difficulty levels are as follows:

  • Beginner: ⭐
  • Intermediate: ⭐⭐
  • Advanced: ⭐⭐⭐

This feature allows you to easily navigate and choose challenges based on your skill level and preferences. Whether you're a beginner looking for a gentle introduction, an intermediate developer seeking a moderate challenge, or an advanced coder ready to tackle complex problems, the difficulty levels provide a convenient way to filter and select challenges that align with your expertise. Take control of your learning journey and engage with challenges that suit your skill level using the new Challenge Difficulties feature!

Jul 12, 2023

Calendar functionality update

By simply clicking on a calendar date, you can now instantly access the preview of the challenge directly on the /app page. This convenient improvement enables you to explore and preview the challenges available, making it easier to decide which challenge you want to tackle next. With a single click, you can gain valuable insights into the challenge details and evaluate if it aligns with your interests and goals!

Jul 10, 2023



We believe in cultivating the habit of daily coding and completing new challenges, and now we have added streaks to provide you with the motivation you need!

Every time you submit a new challenge, you earn 1 streak point, reinforcing your commitment and progress. Streaks apply to both the new challenge of the day and any older challenge that you submit for the first time.

Embrace Streaks as a way to challenge yourself, maintain consistency, and unlock your full coding potential!

Jul 3, 2023

One-click logins

Designed to enhance your login experience on our platform. We're thrilled to announce that you can now log in seamlessly using your GitHub or Google account. With just a single click, you can access the platform using the login options provided. If you already have an account associated with the same email address as your GitHub or Google account, these accounts will be merged automatically through the magic link login process. This streamlined login experience simplifies the authentication process and eliminates the need for additional account creation. Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of one-click logins, saving you time and ensuring a smooth login journey.

Jun 23, 2023


Introducing the new Referrals feature that allows you to invite friends to join iCodeThis and earn referral points. Each friend who joins the platform using your unique referral link will earn you 1 referral point. To find your referral link, simply check your profile page. We are excited to announce that soon we will introduce a referral leaderboard for those who enjoy a friendly competition. Stay tuned for more details on how you can earn recognition for your successful referrals. Take advantage of this feature to share the iCodeThis experience with your friends, earn referral points, and engage in a little healthy competition on the referral leaderboard.

Jun 5, 2023

Profile updates

We are dedicated to motivating you to excel in completing the daily challenges, and to support this goal, we have introduced Featured Projects to your profile. This exciting addition showcases your top projects and highlights your achievements. By displaying Featured Projects on your profile, you have the opportunity to impress others with your remarkable work and inspire fellow users. It's a fantastic way to shine a spotlight on your best projects and demonstrate your skills. With these Profile Updates, we aim to foster a sense of accomplishment and encourage you to strive for excellence in your daily challenges. Show the world what you're capable of and let your Featured Projects speak for themselves on your profile!

May 31, 2023

General updates

We're excited to introduce a range of general updates that enhance various aspects of the platform for a better user experience. Calendar: Now, on the calendar, you can easily identify the projects you've started with the addition of a yellow half-circle icon. This visual indicator allows for quick recognition and helps you track your progress effectively. Profile Page: The profile page has undergone improvements, providing a more organized experience. Your projects are now nicely arranged in tabs, including the PRO challenges. This structured layout allows for easy navigation and showcases your projects prominently. Additionally, starting a custom project is now more convenient with the introduction of the "Create Custom Project" button. Blog: Our blog section has received updates to enhance usability. You can now easily copy code snippets to the clipboard, simplifying the process of utilizing code examples. Furthermore, we have improved the styling of the articles to create a more visually appealing reading experience. These general updates aim to streamline navigation, improve project management, and enhance usability across the platform. We strive to provide you with a seamless and enjoyable experience as you explore, create, and learn on our platform.'

May 25, 2023

Leaderboard updates

Now, users can access both the weekly and monthly leaderboards for completed challenges. This enhancement provides a deeper level of engagement and competitiveness within the community. By showcasing the top performers on a weekly and monthly basis, users gain insights into their progress and compare their achievements with others. The addition of these leaderboards encourages healthy competition, motivates users to strive for excellence, and fosters a sense of community among participants. Stay up-to-date with the latest rankings, track your progress, and challenge yourself to climb the leaderboard ranks on a regular basis.

May 16, 2023

Blog page

Get ready to share your thoughts, insights, and knowledge with the world. With the Blog Page feature, you now have a dedicated space to express yourself through captivating blog posts. Share your expertise, tell compelling stories, and engage with your audience. Whether you want to document your coding journey, provide tutorials, or discuss industry trends, the Blog Page empowers you to create meaningful content. Connect with fellow developers, inspire others, and contribute to the vibrant community. Start writing your first blog post and let your voice be heard on the platform. Unleash your creativity, ignite discussions, and establish yourself as a thought leader with the powerful Blog Page feature!

Apr 5, 2023

New PRO tiers (Basic, Gold & Platinum)

With these exciting additions, you can now access exclusive challenges that will truly test and elevate your frontend skills. The new PRO challenges are designed to push your limits, offering larger-scale projects that provide a significant boost to your skillset. By completing these challenges, you'll create impressive projects that can be added to your portfolio, showcasing your growth and expertise. Additionally, each PRO challenge comes with a downloadable Figma file. This valuable resource provides you with all the necessary assets, including images, colors, fonts, and more, to ensure a seamless and efficient project development process. Embrace the new PRO tiers and unlock a world of advanced challenges, skill development, and portfolio-worthy projects!

Mar 16, 2023

Featured projects page

This dedicated page showcases the best projects from our vibrant community. It's a spotlight where outstanding projects receive recognition and admiration. Want to be featured? Keep your eyes peeled! We're looking for projects that go above and beyond. Think outside the box, and make your projects stand out by adding extra features, making design improvements, and introducing dynamic elements with JavaScript or libraries. Let your creativity soar and make a lasting impression with your innovative projects. The Featured Projects page is the perfect opportunity to gain visibility, inspire others, and become a prominent figure within our thriving community.

Mar 15, 2023

Purchasing Power Parity

Our primary aim is to ensure that our PRO memberships are accessible to individuals from all countries. To achieve this, we have implemented location-based pricing. With this enhancement, everyone can now enjoy the benefits of our PRO memberships, regardless of their geographical location. We understand that economic conditions vary across countries, and by introducing purchasing power parity, we strive to make our services affordable and inclusive for users worldwide. Embrace this feature and unlock the full potential of our PRO memberships, regardless of where you are located. Together, let's foster a global community that can thrive and grow together.

Mar 13, 2023

Challenges & submissions UI improvements

The highly anticipated Version 2.0 is here, packed with exciting updates and new offerings! This launch brings forth a remarkable rebranding, introducing a brand new logo that exudes a vibrant and fresh identity. Alongside the rebranding, Version 2.0 boasts a complete redesign, revitalizing the platform with a captivating and modern look. Experience a new layout that incorporates an array of dynamic components, adding a touch of innovation and enhancing usability. The redesigned interface elevates the overall user experience, providing a seamless and enjoyable coding journey. Introducing PRO memberships, catering to users who are eager to supercharge their coding skills. Unlock exclusive features such as badges, access to a vibrant community, and additional challenges. Stay tuned as more exciting features are on the horizon, further enhancing the PRO membership experience. Version 2.0 marks a significant milestone, bringing forth a refreshing and feature-packed update. Embrace the new look, explore the revamped layout, and discover the exclusive offerings of the PRO memberships, setting the stage for an enhanced coding experience.

Mar 6, 2023

Beta access for the version 2.0

Exciting news! We're thrilled to announce that we're nearing the launch of Version 2.0 of our platform. After a month of dedicated hard work, we're ready to unveil a new design, layout, and a host of exciting features. However, before we release it to the general public, we need your help! We're seeking a group of BETA Testers to join us on this journey. As a BETA Tester, you'll have the privilege of accessing the platform early and witnessing firsthand what we've been tirelessly working on. Your invaluable feedback will help us improve the platform and identify any elusive bugs that might be lurking.

Feb 27, 2023

Editor updates

Exciting updates have been made to the Editor, allowing for a more comprehensive preview experience directly on the platform! Introducing a new feature that displays the size of the preview window, right at your fingertips. With this enhancement, you can now easily gauge how your project appears on different viewports. By providing the size of the preview window, we enable you to optimize your project's layout and responsiveness effortlessly. Whether you're designing for desktop, tablet, or mobile, this feature empowers you to fine-tune your project's appearance for various screen sizes. Stay in control of your project's visual presentation and make informed design decisions with the enhanced Editor updates.

Feb 22, 2023

Auto save

We've implemented various layers of protection to ensure that you never lose your precious work again. With Auto Save, saving your progress is easier than ever. Simply use the shortcut CTRL/CMD + S to save your work instantly. But that's not all! To provide an extra layer of security, an auto-save feature runs every minute. This ensures that your work is automatically saved in case you forget to use the manual save option. With these three layers of protection in place, you can work with peace of mind, knowing that your progress is constantly safeguarded. Embrace the Auto Save feature and focus on your creative process without worrying about losing your valuable work.

Jan 26, 2023

Editor updates

Experience improved visual representation and enhanced usability on mobile devices. With the latest Editor updates, both the Preview and Code sections now offer a much-improved display on mobile screens. You can now enjoy a seamless browsing experience, whether you're reviewing your code or viewing the preview of your project. Conveniently toggle between the Preview and Code sections using the top-right button, allowing you to effortlessly switch between the two views. These updates ensure that your projects look their best and provide a more user-friendly experience, making it easier to work on the go and optimize your productivity. Embrace the enhanced Editor updates and enjoy a smoother development experience across different devices.

Jan 25, 2023

Custom projects

Take your portfolio on iCodeThis to the next level by showcasing your unique creations. With this feature, you now have the freedom to build and exhibit your own custom projects on your iCodeThis portfolio. Unleash your creativity, bring your ideas to life, and present them in a way that reflects your personal style and skills. Whether you're developing a personal project, experimenting with new technologies, or showcasing your expertise, Custom Projects empower you to curate a portfolio that truly represents you. Share your innovative projects with the world and make a lasting impression with your customized iCodeThis portfolio.

Jan 23, 2023

1000 users milestone

We've reached a significant milestone on the platform! We're thrilled to announce that we now have 1000 users onboard. This achievement is a testament to the growing popularity and success of our platform. We extend our sincere gratitude to each and every user who has contributed to this milestone. It is your enthusiasm, support, and engagement that have propelled us forward. We're proud to have built a vibrant community of 1000 users, and we look forward to continuing to provide an exceptional experience for all. This milestone signifies not only our growth but also the trust and satisfaction of our valued users. Thank you for being a part of our journey as we strive for further accomplishments and continued success!

Jan 18, 2023

Profile Page Updates

Exciting improvements have been made to the Profile Page! Discover the latest updates that enhance your profile experience on our platform. Now, accessing your profile is more convenient than ever. With just a click on the menu, you'll be greeted with a warm "Hello 👋" and directed to your personalized profile page. But that's not all! We've also introduced the ability to add a Bio and Social Links to your profile. Customize your profile with a captivating bio that showcases your personality, expertise, and interests. Connect with your audience by sharing your social media links, making it easier for others to engage with your online presence. With these updates, your profile becomes a powerful tool to express your identity and connect with others on a deeper level.

Jan 15, 2023

Project Previews

Get ready to showcase your projects with style and ease. Now, when you visit /submissions or explore your profile page, you'll be greeted with visually stunning project previews. This remarkable addition offers immense potential for individuals seeking to create a captivating portfolio to impress potential employers or freelancing clients. By simply sharing your iCodeThis profile, others can now witness the incredible projects you've built. It's a seamless way to highlight your skills and accomplishments, opening doors for new opportunities. Start curating your impressive project portfolio and unleash your creativity with Project Previews!

Jan 13, 2023

Profile page

Introducing the new profile page feature! Now, by simply visiting /[username] and entering your username, you can explore a comprehensive overview of all the remarkable accomplishments you have achieved on our platform. The profile page provides a centralized hub where you can proudly review and showcase the amazing things you've accomplished thus far. It offers a convenient way to track your progress, highlight your achievements, and share your journey with others. Discover the cool things you've done and celebrate your success on our platform with the enhanced profile page feature!

Jan 10, 2023

Access 3 previous challenges

Gain access to three previous challenges! We've expanded your opportunities to learn and practice by providing access to the last three challenges. Explore past exercises, reinforce your skills, and take your learning experience to new heights!

Jan 4, 2023

Editor resizing

Introducing a highly anticipated feature based on user feedback: RESIZING 🤩. Now available on the in-browser editor, you can easily visualize your code on mobile devices by resizing the view to match specific breakpoints. Enjoy improved flexibility in examining code responsiveness!